The Prussian Spirituosen Manufaktur is a manufactory for spirits and liqueur production in Berlin Wedding and an active museum of the experimental and teaching institute for spirit production. It looks back on almost 150 years of history and a wealth of experience. The name derives from the affiliation to the state of Prussia in the founding period.

The manufactory was put into operation on September 28, 1874 as a test station for the Institute for Fermentation. The premises were originally located in a building between Invalidenstrasse and Dorotheenstrasse. A new building on the site of the agricultural college in 1884 expanded the work opportunities. The products were already sold under the Prussian Spirituosen Manufaktur brand.

In what was then the Plötzensee estate district, new buildings were built in 1897 specifically for the needs of the Institute for Fermentation and the cooperating facilities. A test distillery was built on the Seestraße site, in which the Prussian Spirituosen Manufactory also had its production facility, a test vinegar factory, the university brewery and, in 1901, a large exhibition building. Between 1907 and 1909 further stations for the production of drinking brandy and liqueur were added.

Today, the manufactory produces spirits with the highest quality standards and a unique inventory of historical and modern stills using documented processes and recipes. Babylon Berlin Spirits are handmade from high-quality natural ingredients. The internationally acclaimed masterpiece Babylon Berlin meets masterful craftsmanship and tradition - a journey through time with all your senses.

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